We are a dynamic and energized organization that not only seeks to inform in new and compelling ways, but also to create beautiful, visually arresting moments that offer new perspectives to engage your clients.

At Scotts Media Group, we believe that you need a unique mix of elevated content tailored to the right channels that is shared through trusted media platforms – digital and print.

Our unique digital products and marketing solutions are flexible, scalable and executed in our full-service production facility. We also integrate content with physical connections (ie. in print, in store or at an event) that are important to create meaningful connections with your audience.

Together, we will create a multi-platform content strategy authentic to your brand. Our focus is on long-term partnerships, so as the marketing landscape continues to evolve, we will help to evolve your brand story and strategy, too.

Our teams will bring your prodigious ideas to life through intelligent storytelling with a diverse point of view that underscores all that we do. We believe that a thoughtful marketing strategy has the power to inform and inspire; to change the world for the better.

We will help tailor your brand story for your core audience groups, whether it is a print magazine ad delivered to the home of a devoted subscriber, digital custom content amplified by homepage integration, or a unique sponsorship tied to one of our signature events.

From fashion, beauty and design to technology, news, entertainment, food and fitness, we create content that audiences love.

Being a partner with Scotts Media Group means creating, reporting and distributing some of the most compelling and innovative content in the industry—across all our platforms of digital, video, social, print and experiential.